We offer fabulous residence surrounded by a park rich in vegetation, which houses tall trees, some fruit trees and extensive flowering azaleas and rhododendrons, which guarantee absolute privacy and a high degree of quality of the view.

The property is on three floors, of which two floors above ground, for a total of 1,110 square meters and 138 square meters of particulate, equipped with a modern architectural style, not ordinary, with particular attention to detail.

The main objective to be carried out during the construction was to make the most of the practical enjoyment of the residence and its image emancipating the concept of residence and residence of high prestige.

The interiors in particular are sought after and arouse, at first visual impact, a sense of reserved place and ideal place to shelter their affections.

The style is essential with rich nuances of refined aesthetic quality and content, oriented to the satisfaction of that hedonism discreet and essential, Although lacking in vulgar ostentatious or mannerist exasperations typical of some of the most noble residences of the near Lake Maggiore, they nominate the villa to high quality residential residence.

Within the park of direct relevance of about 7500 square meters is the stables of 300 square meters overlooking an additional 15,500 square meters of land, now uncultivated, which leads us to two possible opportunities on how to exploit it: The first sees the creation of a park that is added to the existing but that by extension could rise to a real estate with characteristics and use of high prestige. The second tends towards remuneration as it provides for the sale of land to the limit of the existing park aimed at the creation of independent residences of value addressed to the luxury real estate market.

To complete the property there is an indoor pool of 165 square meters that gives that ‘priceless feeling of well-being of which the whole housing complex, at first glance, already reveals to the attentive visitor.

The villa with its park, the stable and part of the building land, in this sense, can also be sold separately.