We offer for sale in Verbania the renowned Palazzo Cobianchi-Casana, a historic building that has dominated the town for more than two centuries.

Palazzo Cobianchi Casana stands on the Corso of the same name, in Intra, in the municipality of Verbania. The building is located a few metres from the shore of Lake Maggiore, enjoying the spectacular scenery it offers in the different seasons of the year.
The complex consists of a first building, where the first, second and third floors house six flats in need of renovation, a three-storey building, entirely destined for residential use, and an additional body, on a single level, used as offices. The complex is also surrounded by a private park.

Investment opportunities directly on the shores of Lake Maggiore

The flats within the Palazzo Cobianchi-Casana building are large units with spacious rooms and high ceilings, as well as a splendid view of Lake Maggiore.
The area of the city where the complex is located will soon be the subject of a redevelopment that will exponentially increase the value of the property and the units in the area.