We offer for sale in Pallanza, in the heart of the scenic beauty of the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore, an exclusive property complex that combines historic charm and modern luxury.

This extraordinary property in Pallanza covers a total area of approximately 20,000 square metres and offers a unique living experience.
The centrepiece of this complex is a three-star hotel, currently not in operation, which is spread over approximately 6,000 square metres and has 60 rooms. Its panoramic location offers a spectacular view of Lake Maggiore.

The Hotel is complete with a restaurant, laundry, kitchens and offices to guarantee a complete and high quality service.
The property also includes a boarding school, a historical jewel dating back to the early 1900s, which is spread over four levels and covers some 6,000 square metres, plus a basement.
For sports and wellness enthusiasts, the complex boasts a modern sports centre of over 2,500 square metres. Here you can enjoy an impeccable football pitch, a tennis court and an athletics track, all set against a breathtaking backdrop.

Finally, a lovely detached house on two levels of approximately 90 square metres completes this extraordinary property in Pallanza. With an unparalleled view of Lake Maggiore, this residence offers a private and luxurious retreat, immersed in the scenic and cultural beauty of the region.